Seeking Analytic Expression
Observe Coulomb's  law;
invoke calculus; behold

One can derive the
force on a point charge in an
electric field.

But do we know
what moves us,
or the fields
induced by the world?

We agree: knowledge of an object
is as coarse as Planck's constant.
The object doesn’t elude us;
there’s just not more to know.
But we’re larger than the bound.
Surely quantum mechanics
can explain ourselves to us.
Tunneling—our minds
must be consciousness
pouring over gaps.
Our selves
must be state vectors

I am ready to find my identity.
A measurement.
As I begin to write it down
I feel it decohere,
and I don’t know what to jot.

Walking clouds of matter
and mentality,
slurries of emotions stirred
into evolving memories,
colored by kaleidoscope senses—
our concepts are nebulae mosaics
in galaxy minds
trying to find symbolic form.