Shainline Family, 2019

Owen, Katie, and Jeff

At the start of this year, Katie was pregnant. We went to Taos for a babymoon. She got to practice her amazing kiting skills.

Katie flies a kite.

Jeff and Katie outside Taos.

Taos pueblo.

Shortly thereafter, her water broke. We went for a walk to keep things moving. Here she is trying to wear a coat that drizzly, May evening.

Katie bursting out of her coat before giving birth.

Then our son, Owen Miles Shainline, was born on May 2nd at 12:33 am. He weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and he was 19.5 inches tall.

Owen Miles Shainline, 7lbs, 4oz.

He fit easily in his car seat.

Owen in his car seat

It felt good to get home from the hospital.

Katie steps out of the car

There was a learning curve.

Poop splatter

At the beginning, he was just a little guy—no bigger than his friend, Bear.

Owen Miles Shainline, our little guy

Owen Miles Shainline with his friend Bear

His tiny head fit completely in the palm of Jeff's hand.

Jeff and Owen

Jeff and Owen sleeping

He was just a little guy squirming around.

Owen on the mat

Owen has been fascinated by physics since the beginning.

What a lucky boy to have the love and support of his grandparents.

Owen with Grandma Vickie

Owen with Grandpa Kim and Grandma Vickie

Owen with Grandpa Kim

Owen with Grandpa Kim

Owen with Grandma Ellen

Owen with Grandma Ellen

Owen with Grandpa Mike

Owen with Grandpa Mike

It's hard to remember now, but there was a time when it was rare to see him smile.

Look at my sweet wife and son.

He has always been expressive with his tongue and lips.

Owen sticks his tongue out
Owen sticks his tongue out

We are finding that our son has a lot of energy, even when relaxing in his chair after racoon hunting.

Owen kicks his feet

I don't know if he loves the sunset, but at least he notices it.

Owen watches the sunset

Thanks to Grandpa Kim and Grandma Vickie, we were able to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Jeff and Katie on their wedding anniversary.

Our first trip to the mountains with him was outside Idaho springs.

Owen and Katie in Idaho Springs

Owen and Katie in Idaho Springs

Owen and Jeff in Idaho Springs

I think this was his first hike in the front pack.

Owen and Jeff in Idaho Springs

Our trip to Salida was another high point of the year for me.

Our family in Salida

This was the day he blasted ass all over the back of the CR-V on our way to a hike.

Our family outside Salida

Katie and Owen outside Salida

I took him for morning walks by the Arkansas river.

Our family in Salida

This is the moment I want to live on repeat for eternity.

He loves it when we read to him.

Katie reads to Owen.
Katie reads to Owen.
Katie reads to Owen.

This was the first time we fed him "solid" food.

He has the voice of an angel.

Watching him learn to talk and crawl has been a joy.

He is so curious and ambitious.

Owen reaching for tea cup

We had to take him to the hospital to treat his croup at 8pm on a Saturday.

At the hospital

On Christmas Eve, he met his Great Grandma Helen. They were friends right away.

Owen with Great Grandma Helen

Owen with Great Grandma Helen

He met his Great Grandpa Gary, and we couldn't help but notice the resemblance.

Owen, Katie, and and Great Grandpa Gary

Owen has also spent several afternoons with his Great Grandma Miles.

Owen, Katie, and Jeff with Great Grandma Miles

Look at his sweet face on one of those days.

Owen's sweet face

He looks much bigger in his car seat these days.

Owen in his car seat

Winter came.

Jeff in the deep snow

We took fewer walks, but still some.

Owen and Jeff walking in winter

He helped us decorate the Christmas tree.

Owen and Jeff decorate the Christmas tree

Owen and Katie stand at the Christmas tree

During his first year, our son has grown into a badass.

Owen is a badass

Our lives also had events unrelated to Owen. Katie eagerly returned to the classroom in August. This year she is teaching her usual language arts classes, as well as an additional social studies class, to eighth graders at Centennial Middle School, here in Boulder. She is finding the balance of teaching and motherhood with grace and a sense of humor. Jeff continued his work as a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Milestones this year included a paper developing the theoretical concepts of superconducting optoelectronic neurons that had been long in the works as well as a paper regarding possible relationships between cosmology and technology. Jeff hopes to spend more time in 2020 working toward experimental demonstrations of superconducting optoelectronic circuits.